Wednesday, 19 June 2013

New APP "RT Stock Charts"

I added a new APP to the Google Play Store. Below is a discussion of the new app and a comparison of "RT" vs. "EE":

RT (Real Time) Stock Charts:

- This app is best for users who want real time quotes for US markets and the ability to do technical analysis on real time charts. This implies charts that are customizable and responsive to "touch", not just static downloaded web pages. This app enables drawing trend lines, support lines, and retracement lines on charts, viewing indicators and their associated buy-sell signals, and reviewing the performance of indicators.
- Uses Google Finance data for real time quotes, and historical data to create charts, especially for US markets.
- Depending on Google's terms of service, some non-US stock quotes may or may not be covered, but historical data needed for technical analysis charts is not. Some exceptions - UK is available.
- Only daily data is available.

 EE Stock Charts:

- This app is best for users who are more comfortable with the Yahoo Finance environment, and whose focus is on technical analysis that does not necessarily require real time data (Yahoo shows real time quotes on its web pages, but allows only time-delayed data to be downloaded). 1 and 5 day real time intraday web pages are available in the app for symbols.
- This app shows daily, weekly and monthly data views on charts.
- This app provides access to more than the US market, as per Yahoo Finance. For example, Canadian market quotes and charts are available in this app, but only selectively in the RT app.

- To date, I have resisted putting news into the apps because philosophically, study of price and its behavior as evidenced by charts and indicators that "slice and dice" the data so many ways, is more "honest" than most of what can be found in news. Also, News is easily available almost everywhere, but customized charts are not.

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