Friday, 21 June 2013

EE Stock Charts - List of Exchanges Tested

Exchanges that are accessible in addition to US Markets:

An example of one stock accessed in each exchange is listed below.

  • APBR.BA       ^MERV            Buenos Aires
  • ALLL3.SA      ^BVSP            Sao Paolo
  • BMO.TO        ^GSPTSE        Toronto
  • ALFAA.MX    ^MXX             Mexico
  • AMAG.VI       ^ATX              Vienna
  • DIE.BR           ^BFX              Brussels
  • AC.PA            ^FCHI             Paris
  • ADS.DE          ^GDAXI         XETRA
  • AGN.AS         ^AEX.AS       Amsterdam
  • AFG.OL         ^OSEAX        Oslo
  • AAL.L            ^FTSE            FTSE
 Africa/Middle East :      
  • AFIL.TA    ^TA100    Tel Aviv
  • 0001.HK         ^HSI               HKSE 
  • AALI.JK         ^JKSE            Jakarta
  • 4197.KL         ^KLSE           Kuala Lumpur
  • AIA.NZ          ^NZ50            NZSE
  • BN4.SI           ^STI                SES

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