Wednesday, 26 June 2013

EE Charts - Comparing BBRY and Samsung

BBRY will release its results on Friday June 28, 2013. Current news articles that I have read mainly quote 'analysts' as warning that if the quarterly report is not bad, the stock could move up
substantially due to short covering. In the past, as RIMM, the stock has sometimes done exactly that.

I have no BBRY stock, and I make no investment recommendations. However, by using EE Charts to compare BBRY and Samsung, I have little, if any, confidence in what the analysts are saying this time.

The charts show how Samsung stock was in a strong uptrend and then moved into a trading range while still being in the uptrend. When the uptrend was broken, the stock quickly fell below the trading range and fell dramatically. BBRY moved into a trading range after breaking the up trend line and is now in the middle of the trading range. So far, it is following the Samsung example. Let's see how the stock moves after the report.

Tuesday, 25 June 2013

Technical Analysis with EE Stock Charts : UNG

(This post is for educational purposes only - to show how EE Stock Charts (or RT Stock Charts) can be used for technical analysis. It in NO way offers any investment advice).

Chart Observations:
- Notes - screen prints are taken from EE Stock Charts; blue arrows and text were added with

The two charts, taken together, suggest that there could be a bounce up in UNG when the price hits about $19.00 because:

- Two trendlines are about to intersect - the current short term down trend-line and the lower 2 month channel line
- The stock tends to bounce up when it becomes overextended for several days. This means waiting for price to close below the lower bollinger band for a couple days. And this is still below the current price.
- Recently, Price seems to change direction when the stochastic line starts to change direction and 'approach' a cross above 20% (or below 80%). This hasn't happened yet, i.e., the lower right yellow arrow marks a potential move up in the stochastic blue line.

This analysis could turn out to be incorrect if the above patterns change. But it is an alternative to fundamental analysis. Fundamental analysis would take into account the following factors:

- Next Thursday's EIA reports
- The future price of substitutes, such as coal
- Upcoming US weather forecasts, esp, the next two weeks, and the risk of hurricanes in the gulf
- The change in the natural gas rig count and the probability of reductions in natural gas output
- The level of nuclear power plant outages
- Evolving US energy policy
- The diffential in US and international natural gas prices
- The timing of future liquid natural gas exports

Technical Analysis does not consider these issues as it assumes that all the above factors are reflected in the price action which reflects market participants' best understanding of fundamental factors at any point in time.

Friday, 21 June 2013

EE Stock Charts V10 Update:

Apologies for publishing V10 so soon after V9. However, the bug fixed in V10 was important to a user who was experiencing network delays in downloading data.  

This update includes fixes for the last unaccounted for six reported “crashes“. They are all the result of one bug.

For some users, not all the chart data for a symbol was being downloaded in one ‘chunk’ due to network delays. The incomplete data file caused crashes. I was finally able to reproduce this crash. The reading process has been corrected.

This was a frustrating bug to experience. So, I thank the user(s) who reported their bugs.

EE Stock Charts - List of Exchanges Tested

Exchanges that are accessible in addition to US Markets:

An example of one stock accessed in each exchange is listed below.

  • APBR.BA       ^MERV            Buenos Aires
  • ALLL3.SA      ^BVSP            Sao Paolo
  • BMO.TO        ^GSPTSE        Toronto
  • ALFAA.MX    ^MXX             Mexico
  • AMAG.VI       ^ATX              Vienna
  • DIE.BR           ^BFX              Brussels
  • AC.PA            ^FCHI             Paris
  • ADS.DE          ^GDAXI         XETRA
  • AGN.AS         ^AEX.AS       Amsterdam
  • AFG.OL         ^OSEAX        Oslo
  • AAL.L            ^FTSE            FTSE
 Africa/Middle East :      
  • AFIL.TA    ^TA100    Tel Aviv
  • 0001.HK         ^HSI               HKSE 
  • AALI.JK         ^JKSE            Jakarta
  • 4197.KL         ^KLSE           Kuala Lumpur
  • AIA.NZ          ^NZ50            NZSE
  • BN4.SI           ^STI                SES

Thursday, 20 June 2013

EE Stock Charts V9 Update:

This update includes fixes for two reported “crashes“: If the user selects an option to add a Trend Line or Support Line, but then does not touch the chart, but tries to view a new symbol’s chart, the app crashes. This has been fixed.

The update also includes a fix related to a crash on the SMA Crossover screen. In this case, the cause of the crash was not pin-pointed, but a change was made to fix the symptom.  The problem could resurface somewhere else. If so, please report this as I will be monitoring crash reports.

Thank you to the users who reported bugs. Please continue to do so.
EE and RT Stock Charts - Apps that Add Value:

This note makes the case that Apps EE Stock Charts and RT Stock Charts add value to the Google Play Store, and value to the user experience and his/her financial education.

Most Other Android Finance Apps:

There are so many finance apps in the android store that offer little, if any value, over what is available from the 'primary' financial web-sites and their associated apps. For example, real-time quotes, portfolios, and simple static web charts are available directly from Yahoo Finance, Google Finance, Bloomberg, CNBC (mobile), etc. There is no additional value offered by many apps that just download quotes (real time or delayed) with imbedded static web charts. In fact, I would have more confidence to use the primary sources' websites or apps.

What is missing:

What is missing from most apps today is the ability to efficiently analyze a stock. For example:

- Bloomberg tablet has beautiful charts that switch quickly from daily to monthly to yearly view, but there is no ability to add trend lines, or view and switch between indicators.
- Google and Yahoo have simple charts, but they are static, and whether presented in their own apps, or imbedded in other derived android apps, switching from one indicator to another is cumbersome involving resetting options, and refreshing imbedded web pages.
- (web) has real time charts with indicators, but screen size, and update action is optimal for laptops, not mobile devices.
- When indicators are available, there is no backtesting feature for the profit effectiveness of indicators.
- There are trading apps, but these are usually available only to clients of trading companies with accounts.

How EE and RT Stock Charts Add Value:

These two apps offers the standard quote and portfolio functionality that most apps offer, but also offer:

- Chart display designed to be aesthetically pleasing and scaled for any mobile or tablet screen size
- Quick display of key indicators with the associated trade signals without annoying webpage refreshes
- A comparison chart summary of the trading efficacy for 1 share traded with each indicator (i.e
- Easy to use finger "touch" action to zoom, overlay trend lines, support lines, re-tracement lines, and "touch" action to view any bar's price vertically or horizontally
- Ability to save a chart with its trend line overlays and indicators via jpeg files as part of email
- Ability to save charts for offline use.
- And last, but not least, no advertising banners that consume valuable screen space and distract from one's concentration. For this reason, these are paid apps for a nominal charge.

Wednesday, 19 June 2013

New APP "RT Stock Charts"

I added a new APP to the Google Play Store. Below is a discussion of the new app and a comparison of "RT" vs. "EE":

RT (Real Time) Stock Charts:

- This app is best for users who want real time quotes for US markets and the ability to do technical analysis on real time charts. This implies charts that are customizable and responsive to "touch", not just static downloaded web pages. This app enables drawing trend lines, support lines, and retracement lines on charts, viewing indicators and their associated buy-sell signals, and reviewing the performance of indicators.
- Uses Google Finance data for real time quotes, and historical data to create charts, especially for US markets.
- Depending on Google's terms of service, some non-US stock quotes may or may not be covered, but historical data needed for technical analysis charts is not. Some exceptions - UK is available.
- Only daily data is available.

 EE Stock Charts:

- This app is best for users who are more comfortable with the Yahoo Finance environment, and whose focus is on technical analysis that does not necessarily require real time data (Yahoo shows real time quotes on its web pages, but allows only time-delayed data to be downloaded). 1 and 5 day real time intraday web pages are available in the app for symbols.
- This app shows daily, weekly and monthly data views on charts.
- This app provides access to more than the US market, as per Yahoo Finance. For example, Canadian market quotes and charts are available in this app, but only selectively in the RT app.

- To date, I have resisted putting news into the apps because philosophically, study of price and its behavior as evidenced by charts and indicators that "slice and dice" the data so many ways, is more "honest" than most of what can be found in news. Also, News is easily available almost everywhere, but customized charts are not.

Saturday, 15 June 2013

App Price in the Google Play Store:

The price of the app in the Play Store has been reduced to the 99 cent price point.
EE Stock Charts V8 Update:

- This update shows additional details on the Stock Prices List Screen.
- Simple web-based (1 and 5 day intraday) charts for a stock are available via a pop up menu that appears when there is a long-press on a stock on the Stock Prices List Screen.

Friday, 7 June 2013

EE Stock Charts V7 Update:

- This update shows Price Patterns drawn to Zigzag Lines when the indicator displayed is “On Balance Volume“.  Price Patterns are a key aspect of Technical Analysis.
- The chart now shows Distribution Days during a rally if there is no earlier Follow-Through-Day when the indicator displayed is “Follow Through Day”. This helps to identify when a Market is rolling-over.
- For older Android O/S‘s, the Settings menu item is moved to the first menu from the overflow menu.

... Next, I will try to recreate and fix a "crash" that was reported by an APP user.