Wednesday, 26 June 2013

EE Charts - Comparing BBRY and Samsung

BBRY will release its results on Friday June 28, 2013. Current news articles that I have read mainly quote 'analysts' as warning that if the quarterly report is not bad, the stock could move up
substantially due to short covering. In the past, as RIMM, the stock has sometimes done exactly that.

I have no BBRY stock, and I make no investment recommendations. However, by using EE Charts to compare BBRY and Samsung, I have little, if any, confidence in what the analysts are saying this time.

The charts show how Samsung stock was in a strong uptrend and then moved into a trading range while still being in the uptrend. When the uptrend was broken, the stock quickly fell below the trading range and fell dramatically. BBRY moved into a trading range after breaking the up trend line and is now in the middle of the trading range. So far, it is following the Samsung example. Let's see how the stock moves after the report.

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