Wednesday, 29 May 2013

EE Stock Charts V6 Update:

This update draws trend lines to closing prices when the Chart Type is “Solid Line“ and the indicator displayed is “Relative High / Low“.  This update also redefines a Follow Through Day Distribution Day rule, and fixes a couple display issues such as zooming on indicator “Volume A/D”, and displaying the Price Box when moving a finger from over the Chart area to over the Indicator area.
EE Stock Charts V3.1 Update (May 15, 2013):

This update included improvements to the display of “Pivot Points” and improvements to the display of “Trade Performance by Indicator”. The latter screen helps shows how well Oscillator and Moving Average based indicators generate buy and sell signals when a chart is in a trending or non-trending phase.

Sunday, 12 May 2013

Added version 2 of EE Stock Charts to the Google Play Store:

This upgrade adds features to enable a quick assessment of the technical state of a stock or market using simple ‘touch’ functionality to draw trend, support, and retracement lines. It then presents over a dozen technical indicators with buy and sell signals (for most indicators) that one can quickly ‘tap’ through , and a Trade Details screen that objectively measures the profitability and applicability of a given indicator to the state of a stock or market.

This App upgrade adds the following features:

- Added Buy and Sell signals to most indicators.
- New Trades screen provides backtesting functionality for generated buy and sell signals to objectively assess the profitability of a trading methodology to a particular stock or market.
- New Pivot Point indicator screen shows Standard, Fibonacci, and Camerilla Pivot Point with three levels of Resistance and Support.
- New Bollinger Bands indicator screen
- New Simple Moving Average Double and Triple (4-9-18) crossover indicator screens.
- Added flexibility to select RSI indicator buy / sell rules as either crossovers of the 50 line OR the 30 and 70 lines.
- The Relative High / Relative Low indicator shows the last valid app-generated Up and Down trend lines.