Thursday, 20 June 2013

EE and RT Stock Charts - Apps that Add Value:

This note makes the case that Apps EE Stock Charts and RT Stock Charts add value to the Google Play Store, and value to the user experience and his/her financial education.

Most Other Android Finance Apps:

There are so many finance apps in the android store that offer little, if any value, over what is available from the 'primary' financial web-sites and their associated apps. For example, real-time quotes, portfolios, and simple static web charts are available directly from Yahoo Finance, Google Finance, Bloomberg, CNBC (mobile), etc. There is no additional value offered by many apps that just download quotes (real time or delayed) with imbedded static web charts. In fact, I would have more confidence to use the primary sources' websites or apps.

What is missing:

What is missing from most apps today is the ability to efficiently analyze a stock. For example:

- Bloomberg tablet has beautiful charts that switch quickly from daily to monthly to yearly view, but there is no ability to add trend lines, or view and switch between indicators.
- Google and Yahoo have simple charts, but they are static, and whether presented in their own apps, or imbedded in other derived android apps, switching from one indicator to another is cumbersome involving resetting options, and refreshing imbedded web pages.
- (web) has real time charts with indicators, but screen size, and update action is optimal for laptops, not mobile devices.
- When indicators are available, there is no backtesting feature for the profit effectiveness of indicators.
- There are trading apps, but these are usually available only to clients of trading companies with accounts.

How EE and RT Stock Charts Add Value:

These two apps offers the standard quote and portfolio functionality that most apps offer, but also offer:

- Chart display designed to be aesthetically pleasing and scaled for any mobile or tablet screen size
- Quick display of key indicators with the associated trade signals without annoying webpage refreshes
- A comparison chart summary of the trading efficacy for 1 share traded with each indicator (i.e
- Easy to use finger "touch" action to zoom, overlay trend lines, support lines, re-tracement lines, and "touch" action to view any bar's price vertically or horizontally
- Ability to save a chart with its trend line overlays and indicators via jpeg files as part of email
- Ability to save charts for offline use.
- And last, but not least, no advertising banners that consume valuable screen space and distract from one's concentration. For this reason, these are paid apps for a nominal charge.

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