Wednesday, 11 June 2014

EE/RT Stock Charts Availability

Availability of the Apps by country will be narrowed going forward. The App will now be available mainly in North America and Europe, and a few other countries.

Several negative reviews published in the Google Play Store focus on charts missing one or two days of the most recent day's data on certain Asian Exchanges. The app uses Yahoo Finance historical data to create charts. However, on a number of Asian Exchanges, the historical data is often one or two days behind the current date. Numerous Asian based users have written privately to express great satisfaction with the App, but for others it has been obviously disappointing. Because the problem is not with the app, and the data is provided by yahoo finance free and "as-is", I cannot do anything to correct the issue.

Therefore, to avoid this situation, I have reduced the number of countries to those not experiencing a delay in historical data.

Thursday, 20 March 2014

Version Updates for EE / RT Stock Charts

EE Stock Charts V17 Update and RT Stock Charts V10 Update:
This update adds the following features:
- Option to load 24 months of daily data
- Options to show a 65, 100, or 200 day SMA, and a 50/200 day SMA crossover.
- Handles charting of stock splits
- Option to set position of +/- Zoom buttons to bottom left, center, or right
- Option to add symbol of the currently viewed chart to the currently viewed portfolio list (multiple occurrences of a symbol in a list is allowed to represent different portfolio data)
zoom buttons can be positioned at bottom left, center or right (as in previous versions)
option to position zoom buttons
Showing 24 months of daily data and 100/200 day SMA