Monday, 28 October 2013

Chart Lists - ASX example

This post provides an example showing how chart lists work using Australian stocks:

1. Create a Chart List called Australian Stocks by clicking the '+' symbol at top right to open a pop up screen and then enter the list name 'Australian Stocks' and then Save. The screen below shows the set of lists after adding 'Australian Stocks':

2. Add stocks to the list by doing a 'long press' on the 'Australian Stocks' row to open a pop up and select 'Maintain List'. This will open the 'EE List Contents' screen and initially display a message "No Chart Symbols Found". Click the '+'  symbol to open the 'EE Edit Symbol' screen to add a symbol. The screen below shows one of three Australian stocks added to the Australian Stocks list and then the final list contents after adding three stocks:

3. Click Australian Stock row in the chart list for prices:

4. Click a stock in the list for a chart:

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