Thursday, 20 March 2014

Version Updates for EE / RT Stock Charts

EE Stock Charts V17 Update and RT Stock Charts V10 Update:
This update adds the following features:
- Option to load 24 months of daily data
- Options to show a 65, 100, or 200 day SMA, and a 50/200 day SMA crossover.
- Handles charting of stock splits
- Option to set position of +/- Zoom buttons to bottom left, center, or right
- Option to add symbol of the currently viewed chart to the currently viewed portfolio list (multiple occurrences of a symbol in a list is allowed to represent different portfolio data)
zoom buttons can be positioned at bottom left, center or right (as in previous versions)
option to position zoom buttons
Showing 24 months of daily data and 100/200 day SMA

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