Sunday, 12 May 2013

Added version 2 of EE Stock Charts to the Google Play Store:

This upgrade adds features to enable a quick assessment of the technical state of a stock or market using simple ‘touch’ functionality to draw trend, support, and retracement lines. It then presents over a dozen technical indicators with buy and sell signals (for most indicators) that one can quickly ‘tap’ through , and a Trade Details screen that objectively measures the profitability and applicability of a given indicator to the state of a stock or market.

This App upgrade adds the following features:

- Added Buy and Sell signals to most indicators.
- New Trades screen provides backtesting functionality for generated buy and sell signals to objectively assess the profitability of a trading methodology to a particular stock or market.
- New Pivot Point indicator screen shows Standard, Fibonacci, and Camerilla Pivot Point with three levels of Resistance and Support.
- New Bollinger Bands indicator screen
- New Simple Moving Average Double and Triple (4-9-18) crossover indicator screens.
- Added flexibility to select RSI indicator buy / sell rules as either crossovers of the 50 line OR the 30 and 70 lines.
- The Relative High / Relative Low indicator shows the last valid app-generated Up and Down trend lines.

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